How Website Design Can Make or Break Your Profits


Typography is an important aspect of your website in the sense that it addresses readability and user experience. Don’t use lots of font styles on your website, since this can confuse people. The result? They would turn away, and go to a competitor’s website.

Redesigning Your Web Page

Do you think that your website needs a redesign? Look at your website, and check which elements need some improvements. Maybe a few tweaks from your web design agency can make a world of difference.

Background Content

While compelling background videos and widgets can help encourage people to stick around, these can also push them away. Ensure that each multimedia object that you include in your pages is not obtrusive.

Underlying Technology

This is surely one of the web design aspects you consider about the least. If you are familiar with the most efficient way to use it, each extant website technology today can be utilized profitably.

Image Size

Many B2B sales websites are already implementing huge product images. These high-quality, engaging photos help users learn more about your product offerings without requesting more information.

White Space

White space, or negative space, allows users to navigate around websites comfortably. This gives your website some sort of “breathing room.”

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