At this day and age, internet users have a very short attention span of just around 8 seconds. This only means that you have very little chance of capturing your audience’s attention instantly. In order to do this, you need to have efficient web design. Show your potential customers the real value of your business as soon as they view your homepage. Below are some useful web design tips you can follow.


  • Choose optimal website photos.


Captivating, high-quality photos can definitely increase your engagement rate. However, you need to select images that won’t slow down your pages’ loading time. Don’t pick photos which loads forever, and are too complex.


  • Your call-to-action buttons should be relevant and obvious.


Produce call to actions that clearly relate to the pain points you want to address. Do you have a clear understanding of your target market’s journey? You should know what exactly your customers and readers want to see once they arrive on your homepage. Direct them to the right action.


  • Organize the website logically.


Keep navigation in mind when designing your website. Every user should be able to move around easily, without being overwhelmed or confused. Something that the people in the web development industry in Malaysia always do is make sure that navigation through the site is easy and simple. Navigation can highly impact your pages on several levels. Organize your posts into categories in order to make a clean navigation.


  • Utilize white space properly.


White spaces are not wasted spaces. Make sure that your website has a specific flow attached to it. Websites with disorganized posts wouldn’t look visually pleasing. Address your content issues by using white spaces which can make everything a lot easier to digest.


  • Look for website errors.


Make website audits a part of your regular routine. This is a crucial aspect of web design. If you move specific posts from your website, and then forget to incorporate a redirect, then you have a new error page. Through a 301 redirect, any user who tries to access your old page will automatically be redirected to the new one.