7 Quick Tips That Will Improve Your Website Design Skills

7 Quick Tips That Will Improve Your Website Design Skills

Increase the size of your point.

Many people think that fonts are just minor website aspects, but they can actually make a huge positive impact on web design. You need to make things stand out. By increasing font sizes, most especially for headings, you can highlight important details.
negative spaces.
Negative spaces are important concepts in the field of
website design and development. Take note that not every blank spot on your interface needs to be filled. Giving your users some breathing room is also crucial. By doing so, they will be able to find the information they are looking for quickly.

Bury those social media icons.

Many professionals would not place their social media share buttons on the most prominent places in their website. Bury those social icons at the footer of your website. Don’t push people away from your pages. You need to convince them to stay, and inquire more about your products and services.

Don’t use slideshows and carousels.

Slideshows and carousels used to be an essential part of a website, in order to communicate more crucial details. However, many users don’t really stay long enough to see all the messages. It just takes too much time. The best practice? Promote only a single thing that your target customers and readers would want to know. Ditch the rest for now.
Simplify website navigation.
Reduce visitors’ options. This may appear counter intuitive, but this strategy can actually help people digest more productive content. Instead of overwhelming them with links and various elements, just simplify your navigation. At this day and age, minimalism is the way to go.

Remove sidebars.

The sidebar is considered as an important website design trend. However, more and more companies are removing this from their blogs. According to research, removing it can increase the amount of clicks on CTA graphics by more than 35%.

Get color inspiration from nature.

Are you struggling to look for the best color combination for your pages? Why not get amazing inspiration from nature? Take landscape photos, and use it on a color picker. The color palette of nature never fails.

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