Month: August 2019

How to Build Your Own Website with Website Creator

Are you thinking of creating a website for your brand and business? At this day and age, having an online presence is important to achieve success. Don’t worry. You don’t need to be a web designer to build a functional, visually appealing website. There are tons of top web hosting companies in Malaysia offering quality hosting services. 

Where is there the need to create a business website?

Every small business needs to have a website because, quite simply, customers expect them to be online. No matter what industry you are in, potential customers would expect you to have valuable, interesting online presence.

How to choose a reliable website builder?

WordPress is, no doubt, one of the go-to website creators for many people. They love it because the platform offers a vast range of customization options. Well, there are plenty of website builders online claiming to make processes faster, easier and more enjoyable.

BoldGrid for WordPress

Are you looking for a dependable website builder for your new blog or business website? BoldGrid is a popular website builder running with the help of some WordPress plugins. It utilizes Underscores, one of the most popular WordPress starter themes. 

It has useful tools allowing people to focus on creating the perfect website, without any headaches.

Here are some of its remarkable features:

  • Its built-in SEO software analyzes content in real-time. Then, it advises users on the changes that can help them reach their target audience better. 
  • Its dashboard is more intuitive and user-friendly and intuitive. 
  • It has a simple drag-and-drop format that is easy to use. Just like the WordPress website builder, it is also highly extensible. 
  • It offers over 200 customizable website templates.
  • It has an enhanced media library allowing people to pull in amazing content from third-party photo platforms, such as Flickr.

Important Benefits of Using Managed WordPress Hosting

Most of the  best website hosting in Malaysia, there are a great deal of website admins that are befuddled on what precisely managed WordPress hosting is. Before that, you need to do some important research and discovered comparable services that offer web hosting plans, explicitly designed for WordPress.

Despite the fact that the managed WordPress hosting may sound perfect, it may not be for you. Before choosing to utilize managed WordPress hosting think about the qualities and shortcomings of utilizing it. 

Important Benefits:

Fast servers

These servers are extraordinarily arranged for WordPress. The servers have a quickened speed during expanded site traffic. Normally, they utilize a Content Delivery Network to help present your site to individuals that are actually viewing your site.

Expert Support

It can direct you against using modules when they may affect execution, it helps to settle issues faster and proficiently. You will  have generally have incredible specialized assistance.


There are multiple security layers that can actually scans for malware, viruses and even blocking all the hacking attempts.

Automatic Updates

Updates are done naturally. You ought to never have to rollback a WordPress update. Rather, your oversaw facilitating organization will deal with that.

Data Restoration

It makes a restoration, and the information can be reestablished in the event that you ever need to reestablish your site to a prior point. In this manner you don’t require a backup module.

Developer Tools

Though has vary a considerable lot of them typically offering developer devices.

No downtime

Even with high site traffic your site will in all probability never go down. They can furnish you with uptime measurements.


It does truly come down to what you need, however. For example, if your totally new to the WordPress dashboard and working with web facilitating it may be a decent alternative to feel free to join with a managed WordPress hosting plan. Paying that additional cash could conceivably spare you a few cerebral pains later on not far off.

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